Not a great start to the day

After a particularly hot and sticky night with loud raging thunder storms I couldn’t decide whether I was happy the alarm had gone off at 6:30am or not. As usual Simon got up and went to the Bathroom, while I took the opportunity to doze for a while. I startled myself awake, not sure why and noticed the alarm clock had no light, at the same time I heard Simon pull the shower switch and walk back into the bedroom.

“Yeah, the power has gone off” I say (I’m good at assuming a question is in the air)


“The shower won’t be working due to the power being off” I reply.

“But I’ve had a shower” he says

So it’s my lucky day the power has gone out before I’ve had a chance to shower. I run a basin of water and dunk my head in to wash my hair….oh! Uh! Gosh that took my breath away. I have to continue now that I’ve started but I decide against splashing cold water all over and opt for the baby wipes instead. Haha.

It’s surprising how you, well I, continued trying to do things even though I knew there was no power

  • I try the wifi connection to see if I can find out when we might get power back.
  • I plug my Fitbit in to charge, doh!
  • I realise although I washed my hair it’s going to have to dry without the use of a hair dryer.
  • I almost tried to cook my porridge in the microwave.

Suffice it to say I am NOT a morning person.

Oh the photo isn’t relevant to this story but when I was looking for a photo I realised I hadn’t shared the irony of these two purchases made at the same time, the cashier gave me a funny look at the checkout too.