Knitting & Stitching Retreat

At the weekend my Sister and I went to a Knitting Retreat where we met a bunch of strangers, by the end of the weekend we realised some were stranger than others, hehe, I’m Joking.

We arrived at the Roundhouse, Halwell on a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon. We could hear people talking so followed the sound into a lovely Barn conversion. We met Saj and Lauren who gave us a warm welcome and Saj showed us to our room. We emptied the car of our crafting supplies and clothes, I think supplies out weighed clothes!

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy

In our room which was huge because it was meant for more than two there were goody bags and flowers which was a nice touch and made us feel warm and fuzzy.


We had the debate about who was having which bed and rather than unpack we chose all the things we thought we would need to craft, I had my Crochet I am determined to finish my Sophie’s Universe Blanket and Elaine had some knitting.

We then headed over to the main house for a much needed cup of tea. We had a chat with Saj while drinking tea and eating cake, then we headed to where everyone one else was sitting. We introduced ourselves and tried to remember lots of names, I just hoped they all didn’t get up too soon and move about because I was still repeating names in order in my head hoping to get them stuck.

At 6 o’clock Saj opened Prosecco and we all toasted her for organising her first Retreat (if you like the sound of it head over to her website Go Deer ) At 7 o’clock we sat around a huge table in the kitchen area and had the most amazing dinner. The food for the whole weekend was just superb and I could write a whole post just about the food.

Saturday we spent crafting together, there was an area of tables for people with sewing machines, there was a group who were making Quilts which is something I tried once and failed at many moons ago, maybe I will try again. There was also a Pirate Costume in the making and was finished by Sunday, so we had a mini catwalk show. The sun was shining and in the afternoon had dried the chairs outside, so we made the most of it and enjoyed the sun and stitching, heaven. We enjoyed a swim in the pool before dinner, it couldn’t be more perfect.17-02-18-unicorn-fringe-cut-9

Sunday was more of the same, we were all joking together and it was hard to believe we had only known each other for a short space of time. Lauryn was making a Unicorn hat and wanted to trim the fringe, so Elaine volunteered and was soon covered in rainbow droppings. Lauryn was also making a Mermaid Tail and was looking for someone tall to see if it was long enough, obviously I was not the first choice being a good 7 inches too short.

Monday after breakfast we had a farewell gathering and looking back the weekend had just flown by. We stopped at Dartington Cider Press because we just didn’t want to end the weekend and the sun was shinning but eventually we had to go home and back to normality. That was when I suddenly felt very tired and achy, I went to bed for an hour and today I am on the Lemsips, so I hope everyone else is feeling fit and well. A lovely weekend which we will look back on with a smile and some giggles.




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