Oh dear, that awkward moment when you show your Husband the half price cards you bought and show him the Anniversary card…”Oh dear, that one’s for you!”



Oh dear, who is sharing too much again…..

It’s Friday afternoon and I am walking down the corridor (I work at the University) talking to a Colleague. I’ve had issues with my dress and tights causing static and as we parted company I said “I can’t wait to get home and rip these tights off” 

It was then I realise, what was an empty space now had an embarrassed male student walking towards me. I got flustered and told him I’m sorry I shared that too loudly, we both went a bit pink and hastily headed in different directions, after having one of those awkward almost bumping into each other moments. Oh dear…….

Relief at last, ahhhhh…. 😉


I like to make things using beads and I had an idea, so I was experimenting to see if I could actually make my idea. As I was threading some very small beads onto the thread I realised at times due to the concentration needed I was almost meditating in a way. My head was clear, until I thought about how clear my head was! Everything was calm, my breathing, birds were singing, life going on around me was enjoying the sunshine, all was good.

It was about then that the thread pinged and most of the beads came off, the thread with a mind of its own jumped off the table into my lap. I heard beads falling off onto the floor. I was no longer calm! I jumped up and spent ages trying to find all the beads. It was on carpet, so I had to brush my hand over it until I found a bead. A very tedious business. I’m off to make a cup of tea and to try once again to find inner peace.

Those pale Blue ones were difficult to see and pick up the first time, definitely a cup of tea is needed.