Car update

So after yesterday’s Monday morning fun I have had to sort the flat tyre today. I ring the AA (Automobile Association) and explain the situation, he says someone will be there within the hour. About ten minutes later there is a knock on the door.

We take a look and I realise both back wheels are looking pretty flat and I only have one spare! So he decides to pump up one and while it is jacked up he spins the wheel looking for a nail or something. It’s clear.

I joke about whether I’ve upset someone who has let the air out, then he says he can’t see that anyone has knifed it!   I WAS JOKING! 

He pumps the other side up and we come to the conclusion that the wheel walls have oxidised and there is a small leak. They should stay up for a couple days he thinks but I need to take it to a Wheel a Company and get them to grind it off, so that is this afternoons job.

While filling in the paperwork I ask him if I am supposed to tell him if I gave a new vehicle, he says no we are covered for everything. I say “Well we are paying lots of money each year and the last time I called them out was 7 years ago” He then explains how we have unlimited call outs, if I run out of petrol he can give me £5 worth free and if any parts are less than £5 they are also free. So I start to muse about which parts would be that cheap, he says a Spark Plug!

He is about to go and wishes me luck with the tyres. I then say with a big grin, that if I have unlimited call outs, can I book him in for Friday to top the tyres up! Hehe



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