Arghh Monday!

Why do Monday’s always seem worse than any other day? Mine was going along as usual until I got in my car and started going down the hill. I had the window open and it just didn’t sound right. So I stop and look out the door and see my tyre is looking as flat as I feel. So I park up and wonder what my plan of action is.

I decide it’s too late to walk so I shall take Sunshine our VW Campervan instead. But that has its own issues because it doesn’t have the parking permit and so I run around the house looking for change for the parking meter.

I run my hand over the back window to try to clear the dew and jump in. I have trouble getting it out of reverse because it hasn’t been used for a while. Then, it takes 3 or 4 attempts to get it started, it must be because it’s cold today.

At the junction, I am looking down the road for a clear spot, there is so much to look out for – a bus lane, cyclists, etc. That’s when I see the Spider web, so I whoosh it out the way. Then I see the Spider, it’s one of those with a big body and I don’t have a modern wing mirror for it to scurry away into and hide. So it makes camp just out of my eyeline in the open window beside me. Now I am trying to keep track of traffic and whether it has decided to move! This gives me a cricked neck, due to my sudden movements and the cold air coming in but I kept looking off and on all the way.

At the traffic lights I spot a neighbour has pulled up into the lane beside me. He waves, so I have to lean across the passenger seat to wind the window down, (modern cars with central locking and electric windows, genius) I explain my flat tyre, he wonders where I am going, I explain I left the job he thought I was doing 3 years ago! Yes you would be right in thinking I keep myself to myself 🙂

I am lucky I find a nice big space to drive into, I jump out and ask passer by if he is OK with Spiders. He asks how big are we talking? I explain and he is my knight in shinning armour and saves me and more importantly the Spider from losing legs when I do up the window.

At the parking meter it asks for the last 3 characters on your number plate. I just draw a blank and I stand for a moment trying to remember. I joke with the lady in the queue behind me about how difficult it was to remember and what a bad day I was having.

She follows me back to the cars and spots me taking a picture, I explain I am planning on writing on my blog. To top things off my finger is too cold, to register on the iPad, so I blow on finger and take this picture.

And that’s enough to bring a smile to my face, especially as the lady beside me said, “She is gorgeous”


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