Move those Plums

These Plums have been like this for a couple days (Son unpacked shopping) they need to go into the bowl right beside them or they will never ripen! Look at the instructions, hehe šŸ˜€



Heimlich ManoeuvreĀ 

I was having a coughing fit in the office and was asked if I was feeling poorly. I said no, I was choking but it was fine I didn’t need the Heimlich remover! We laughed  but I’m wondering if it’s actually not a bad suggestion for an alternative name for it šŸ˜‰


A sticky situationĀ 

I love getting creative and I’ve got sucked into making a Halloween costume for a party my son is off to. We recently spent an afternoon at the local store which sells anything and everything quite cheaply. (A web search for Trago Mills will give you more of an idea) We picked up various bits of pipe and items we thought would make the right shape to create the outfit.

We are trying to make this  

I shall blog again when we have something finished. But for now I just wanted to show you the mess I got into with Contact Adhesive. I had spread it over the two surfaces but had also managed to drop it down the side of the tin. So I was trying to tidy up the mess and didn’t realise it was pouring out the top onto the table. So I panic, grab some kitchen roll and just get into more and more difficulties. 


Kitchen roll is stuck!
It’s not easy taking a photo of your hands when they are both covered in sticky stuff! I clear as much glue as I can off the table and try water and soap to get it off my hands. Not working, so I rub them and this works but takes ages. I have learnt that I shall need to be more careful in future. I just hope he likes it when it’s finished ;-D

You’re such a Mum

We had a trip to Carphone Warehouse because my son had dropped his phone and cracked the screen. When we get there he decides he wants a new phone, so I grab the chance to pay the excess on his insurance and get myself an upgrade šŸ˜‰

It turns out that the system said we could have one from the shop rather than have a refurbished one sent in the post, and at Ā£10 less than the expected excess, double bonus for me.

Chris chooses a new phone which he is paying for and we are in the shop for over an hour, waiting for computer systems, the insurance company to come back to us, etc, etc.

When asked if he would like a cover Chris takes a look at the choice but decides against it. I say I can knit you a sock for it. At which point the salesman says “You’re such a Mum” we laugh and I decide to take it as a compliment.

In the car on the way back we giggle and wonder why he said it. Was it due to my bad jokes about the four contracts not being Godfather like ones but phone ones, or my observation that the little boy outside making hurry up faces at his Mum had been bribed with a McFlurry so should be happy? I shall try not to do my usual overthinking about this and like I said take it as a compliment.


It’s the first Saturday in a long time that no one has to be up in time for anything. I wake up and it’s still quiet in the house. I need to be awake to reset my Peace Shield on Game of War but it’s still too early for that. I set an alarm for an hour later just in case I doze off again.

I find myself in what appears to be a bus and it’s quite noisy with lots of people. We are trying to watch a Rugby World Cup game, just waiting for it to start. I notice the back of the seats all have countdown timers which you can set. I’ve been doing this with my feet on the back of the seat without knowing.

Next thing I know I’m stood up by the window and I see a mechanical pincer claw come through the window and grab a rectangular item I have clutched to my chest. But I won’t let it go and it won’t go through the window. Next minute I’m dancing because I can hear Rudimental I’ve been waiting all night. I wake up with Tell me that you want me, tell me that you need me, going through my head.

Thinking this through, I have my iPad in my arms and my shield is about to run out, so my dream was telling me to wake up! I switch the Game of War on, just as the alarm I set goes off. How weird. I also find that I know when the cooker timer is about to ping, I must have an inbuilt clock šŸ™‚


Car update

So after yesterday’s Monday morning fun I have had to sort the flat tyre today. I ring the AA (Automobile Association) and explain the situation, he says someone will be there within the hour. About ten minutes later there is a knock on the door.

We take a look and I realise both back wheels are looking pretty flat and I only have one spare! So he decides to pump up one and while it is jacked up he spins the wheel looking for a nail or something. It’s clear.

I joke about whether I’ve upset someone who has let the air out, then he says he can’t see that anyone has knifed it!   I WAS JOKING! 

He pumps the other side up and we come to the conclusion that the wheel walls have oxidised and there is a small leak. They should stay up for a couple days he thinks but I need to take it to a Wheel a Company and get them to grind it off, so that is this afternoons job.

While filling in the paperwork I ask him if I am supposed to tell him if I gave a new vehicle, he says no we are covered for everything. I say “Well we are paying lots of money each year and the last time I called them out was 7 years ago” He then explains how we have unlimited call outs, if I run out of petrol he can give me Ā£5 worth free and if any parts are less than Ā£5 they are also free. So I start to muse about which parts would be that cheap, he says a Spark Plug!

He is about to go and wishes me luck with the tyres. I then say with a big grin, that if I have unlimited call outs, can I book him in for Friday to top the tyres up! Hehe


Arghh Monday!

Why do Monday’s always seem worse than any other day? Mine was going along as usual until I got in my car and started going down the hill. I had the window open and it just didn’t sound right. So I stop and look out the door and see my tyre is looking as flat as I feel. So I park up and wonder what my plan of action is.

I decide it’s too late to walk so I shall take Sunshine our VW Campervan instead. But that has its own issues because it doesn’t have the parking permit and so I run around the house looking for change for the parking meter.

I run my hand over the back window to try to clear the dew and jump in. I have trouble getting it out of reverse because it hasn’t been used for a while. Then, it takes 3 or 4 attempts to get it started, it must be because it’s cold today.

At the junction, I am looking down the road for a clear spot, there is so much to look out for – a bus lane, cyclists, etc. That’s when I see the Spider web, so I whoosh it out the way. ThenĀ IĀ see the Spider, it’s one of those with a big body and I don’t have a modern wing mirror for it to scurry away into and hide. So it makes camp just out of my eyeline in the open window beside me. Now I am trying to keep track of traffic and whether it has decided to move! This gives me a cricked neck, due to my sudden movements and the cold air coming in but I kept looking off and on all the way.

At the traffic lights I spot a neighbour has pulled up into the lane beside me. He waves, so I have to lean across the passenger seat to wind the window down, (modern cars with central locking and electric windows, genius) I explain my flat tyre, he wonders where I am going, I explain I left the job he thought I was doing 3 years ago! Yes you would be right in thinking I keep myself to myself šŸ™‚

I am lucky I find a nice big space to drive into, I jump out and ask passer by if he is OK with Spiders. He asks how big are we talking? I explain and he is my knight in shinning armour and saves me and more importantly the Spider from losing legs when I do up the window.

At the parking meter it asks for the last 3 characters on your number plate. I just draw a blank and I stand for a moment trying to remember.Ā I joke with the lady in the queue behind me about how difficult it was to remember and what a bad day I was having.

She follows me back to the cars and spots me taking aĀ picture, I explain I am planning on writing on my blog. To top things off my finger is too cold, to register on the iPad, so I blow on finger and take this picture.

And that’s enough to bring a smile to my face, especially as the lady beside me said, “She is gorgeous”