Happiness is a state of mind

We all have days when things don’t quite go to plan. The other day I was pulling away from Mum’s drive and managed to wrap the side of my car around her wall. The plaster has fallen off but she is more worried about the damage to my car. The wheel arch will not be the same again and I don’t think it will just polish out, I can see bare metal, ooops.

car damage SeptYesterday, we had a little gathering of family and friends and we had a lovely time, lots of stories swapped and a good few giggles.

Today, I am looking at the aftermath with glasses and dishes everywhere. The funny thing is you find random things in odd places where people have put things down, I love it. Anyway, I am sitting here with my coffee reflecting on the party and I start to wonder how noisy we were and what will the neighbours think. This reminded me of a conversation I have had previously with my neighbour, she was worried the baby crying was bothering us. I assured her it didn’t, besides it’s what babies do. So I asked her if she could hear us, “I hear laughter and we think how you must be having a good time”

That’s when I thought to myself, yes we do have some laughs and we all need to remember that even when life gets a bit much at times, there must have been a moment you can reflect on that was happy. That’s got to lift your mood a little, hasn’t it?


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