Luggage issues

Mum was off on her holiday and wanted a lift to the airport, I was volunteered. So I go to pick her up in my Astra Convertible and then I see the size of her suitcase. She was only going for a week and she had a huge hand luggage too.

So we wheel it out and try and fit it in the boot, it ain’t going to go in. So we have no choice but to put it on the front seat. Mum is sat in the back (felt like driving Miss Daisy to me!)Mums suitcase

Then, I picked her friend up and luckily her case was half the size! They need to swap packing tips I think.

As I dropped them off Mums friend said see you in a couple weeks “Mum is going for a week, what will you do for the second?” I ask. “Oh my, silly me” She says.

I drove away wondering how on earth they were going to get on!


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