Password dilemma’s

It’s been one of ‘those days’ at work today and then I get home and find I have to think of a password for a shopping site. This led me to think about passwords and how often we need to type them in. How do you choose a password? Do you keep a list, or have a neat little formula to help you remember them all? Or do you look around for random objects for inspiration?

I’ve come to the conclusion that passwords at work need to have something a little upbeat about them. After all, if you have to type them in a lot during the day and there are a lot of days that you are at work, a little positive affirmation would surely boost your mood throughout the day?

Well it’s something that I found to be true, I did a little experiment a while back, (not particularly scientific and it didn’t involve that awful lab coat I was pleased to leave behind when I left school) Anyway, for a month I had a password which summed up my mood at the time, I can’t type it here, lets just say it was a little bit sweary and was best viewed as ******  The next month I used something happier like HolidayS00n for example. This definitely made a little smile radiate from my finger tips and gave my body and mind a happier place to be.25 May 14_42 Madeira


Happiness is a state of mind

We all have days when things don’t quite go to plan. The other day I was pulling away from Mum’s drive and managed to wrap the side of my car around her wall. The plaster has fallen off but she is more worried about the damage to my car. The wheel arch will not be the same again and I don’t think it will just polish out, I can see bare metal, ooops.

car damage SeptYesterday, we had a little gathering of family and friends and we had a lovely time, lots of stories swapped and a good few giggles.

Today, I am looking at the aftermath with glasses and dishes everywhere. The funny thing is you find random things in odd places where people have put things down, I love it. Anyway, I am sitting here with my coffee reflecting on the party and I start to wonder how noisy we were and what will the neighbours think. This reminded me of a conversation I have had previously with my neighbour, she was worried the baby crying was bothering us. I assured her it didn’t, besides it’s what babies do. So I asked her if she could hear us, “I hear laughter and we think how you must be having a good time”

That’s when I thought to myself, yes we do have some laughs and we all need to remember that even when life gets a bit much at times, there must have been a moment you can reflect on that was happy. That’s got to lift your mood a little, hasn’t it?

Pasting finger

It has just dawned on me that when using my iPad if I need to copy and paste something I stop using the finger which has copied the text until I’ve pasted it somewhere else. 

I was trying to pay someone via PayPal and was using their email address, so I copied the address text and then kept my index finger in the air until I had loaded PayPal and was at the box ready to paste the address. After I had successfully put the address in I was back to using my index finger again.

Please tell me I’m not the only one that does this?

Doorstep Sandwich 

I’ve not been feeling well the last couple days with a headache and streaming Nose. So was probably not really concentrating on the local news. So when this huge Sandwich was on the screen I was very surprised, we had just seen a report on Agatha Christie’s use of cake in her novels and it was leading to a report on the Women’s Institute being 100 years old.

Is that a Doorstep sandwich? They cut bread as well as I do!

It’s actually a Victoria Sponge with Jam and cream 🙂

Yes, it is tea and cake
Yes, it is tea and cake

Biryani and Yoghurt

I made dinner using a sauce from a jar because I had to go pick up my Son from work and this was a convenient way to have dinner ready for when we got home. When we enetered the house it smelt delicious and we had timed it perfectly.

So I serve up a couple platefuls and take a mouthful. Now I don’t really like hot and spicy foods and this was a bit too much for me. That was when I remembered I was going to buy some Coconut Yoghurt which had worked a treat last time I cooked this dish. I looked in the Fridge, the only Yoghurt was a Set Greek Style Raspberry one, I figured it was better than nothing!

So dinner for me was Biryani, Mango Chutney and Raspberry Yoghurt, maybe something Heston Blumenthal should look at 🙂

Down with the kids

My Son was telling me how Spotify make a playlist based on what he had been listening to in the past. The playlist for that week had a track by MC Devvo, which he played for me and I marvelled over the way words had been rhymed (Not! – check out Donny Soldier if you dare!)

Later I was telling his older Brother about the song we had listened to earlier in the car and how embarrassed I was to have it playing with the windows open. I explained it was by “Mac Devvo”, he had heard of him from his YouTube viewing and said “Em Cee Devvo was a legend” That was when I realised I had been saying Mac and not Em Cee. I feel old 😉